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QWhen was China Construction Bank Corporation (“CCB”) formed?


AOur history dates back to 1954, when the People's Construction Bank of China was founded as a wholly state-owned bank under the direction of the Ministry of Finance of the PRC to administer and disburse government funds for construction and infrastructure related projects under the state economic plan. In 1996, the People's Construction Bank of China changed its name to China Construction Bank and became a full service commercial bank. China Construction Bank Corporation was formed as a joint-stock commercial bank in September 2004 as a result of a separation procedure undertaken by our predecessor, China Construction Bank, under the PRC Company Law.


QWhen was CCB listed?


AH-shares of CCB were listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 27 Oct. 2005. A-shares were listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on 25 Sep. 2007.


QWhat is the ticker symbol for CCB and on which exchange does it trade?


AH-shares of CCB are traded on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the ticker symbol “939”. A-shares are traded on Shanghai Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “601939”.


QWho is the Company’s Share Registrar?


AThe Company’s Share Registrar is Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Ltd. Below is their contact information:

46/F., Hopewell Centre

183 Queen’s Road East

Hong Kong

Tel. No. (852)2862-8628


QHow many shares are there in one block of CCB shares?


AThere are (1,000) shares in one block H-shares and (100) shares in one block A-shares of CCB.


QShould I contact your company in cases of loss of share certificate, change of beneficiary owners name and / or address, transfer of shares, etc.?


AFor matters relating to your shareholdings with our company, please contact our company’s Share Registrar the contact details of which is shown above.


QHow could I find out when CCB would announce its financial results?


AYou may refer to Corporate Calendar under Investor Relations to find out all upcoming events.