Advance Withdrawal, Bankbook Loss Reporting, and Inheritance

How to withdraw deposits in advance

---- When you withdraw your term deposits in advance, you must present your certificate of deposits and identification to the teller. If you make a withdrawal on half of another person, you need to present your identification and that of that person. You must fill out a withdrawal slip with the name of the depositor (and the name of the person who makes the withdrawal on behalf of the depositor), and identification number(s). Interest is paid on the withdrawn portion at the rate published on the date of withdrawal for demand deposits. A new CD will be issued for the remaining portion, stating the original date of depositing, term, interest rate and maturity. For one deposit account, you may only make advance withdrawal once.

How to report a lost bankbook or CD

---- If your bankbook or CD is lost, if you misplace or forget your password, or if you lose your seal, you should report the loss immediately to CCB outlet where you made your deposits, to protect your funds. Temporary reporting is called verbal reporting. If you cannot go to outlets to complete the formal procedures of loss reporting for emergent reason or other reasons, you may send your request for temporary termination of payment to us through face-to-face talks, letters, networks, customer centers or other channels. The outlet will freeze your deposit temporarily. Formal reporting is called written reporting. When reporting a lost bankbook or CD in the written form, you must present your valid identification and the form of “Application for Reporting a Lost Bankbook or CD” (with one copy for the client). The teller will process your application and freeze your deposit account. You may ask for a new CD, change the password and seal, or make withdrawals at the outlet with the form of “Application for Reporting a Lost Bankbook or CD” (with one copy kept by yourself) and valid ID.

---- When reporting a lost bankbook or CD, you must present your identification and three copies of the “Application for Reporting a Lost Bankbook or CD,” and provide the date of depositing, type, account name, amount and account number. The teller will review the information. If he or she ascertains that your balance has not been withdrawn or frozen, the teller will process your application, and your report will then come into effect.

---- For your convenience and the security of your funds, CCB accepts verbal reports of lost bankbooks or CDs. If you do not have your identification with you, if you do not report your lost bankbook or CD at the outlet where you made your deposits, or if you send in your application by mail, you may report your lost bankbook or CD verbally. However, you must go through the formal procedures detailed above within five days of your verbal report; otherwise your verbal report will become invalid. After you launch the formal reporting, you may receive a new CD, change the password and seal, or make withdrawals at the outlet where you reported your loss seven days after your formal report.

How to report an Inheritance

---- After the death of the depositor, to, the beneficiary must present a court document or an statement to take over the account or to make withdrawals. The procedures for are similar to those for reporting a lost bankbook; and the procedures for withdrawing cash are the same as those for regular withdrawals.

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