China Construction Bank reports operating results for 2021

Published time:2022-03-30

Further Promote New Financial Campaign

Realize High-quality Development with Full-fledged Services


Summary of financial data for 2021 (RMB):

  • The Group's total assets amounted to RMB30.25 trillion, representing an increase of 7.54% over the previous year.
  • Total profits was RMB378.41 billion, representing an increase of 12.42% over the previous year; Net profit was RMB303.93 billion, representing an increase of 11.09% over the previous year; net interest income was RMB605.42 billion, up 5.12%; net interest margin was 2.13%.
  • Average return on assets and weighted average return on equity (ROE) were 1.04% and 12.55% respectively.
  • Capital adequacy ratio was 17.85%, non-performing loan ratio 1.42%, and provision coverage 239.96%.
  • Considering the satisfactory performance, the Board recommends the payment of a final cash dividend RMB0.364 yuan (tax inclusive) per share.



Core Indicators Stable and Balanced, Keep Improving Service Ability

Beijing/Hong Kong, 29 March 2022, China Construction Bank Corporation (stock code: SH: 601939; HK: 00939) ("CCB" or the "Bank") announced its operating results for 2021. In 2021, CCB conscientiously carried out the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, further implemented the construction of "Three Abilities", stood fast to the ideas of new development, serve the pattern of new development, carry forward the practice of new finance, preciously lead financial resources to the key fields and bottlenecks in the economic society and try hard to promote high quality development and common prosperity. Till now, CCB has achieved outstanding business performance and realized a stable, balanced and sustainable development.


Good growth of liabilities to assets, key indicators stable and balanced. At the end of 2021, CCB's total assets reached RMB30.25 trillion, increased by 7.54%; total liabilities reached RMB27.64 trillion, increased by 7.37%, wherein the deposits reached RMB22.38 trillion, increased by 8.56%. CCB shows good profitability. The net profits reached RMB303.93 billion, increased by 11.09% as compared with the previous year; the net income from interest was increased by 5.12% and the net income from handling charges and commissions was increased by 6.03%. Net interest yield rate was 2.13%, average return on assets stood at 1.04%, weighted average return on equity (ROE) was 12.55%, and the capital adequacy ratio was 17.85%. The board of directors suggests distributing the yearly cash dividends upon RMB0.364 yuan per share (tax-included).


Proactively focus on primary responsibility of major business, support entity economy development. The net amount of loans and advances reached RMB18.17 trillion, RMB1.94 trillion more than that in the previous year, increased by 11.95%; the bond investment is RMB703.56 billion more than that in the previous year. The major regional strategies at country level are laid with emphasis. Resource allocation has been made towards three key areas, i.e., Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, the Yangtze River Delta and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, so as to fortify comprehensive contributions from the business development in these key areas. Loans for infrastructure, medium and long-term loans for the manufacturing industry, loans for private enterprises and green loans are respectively increased by 16.91%, 29.24%, 15.21% and 35.61%. The full amount of special loans has been granted to meet the financial demand for the prevention and control of pandemics, flood prevention and disaster relief. The "Bicirculating" development pattern has been constructed with full strength, so the international competitiveness has been steadily enhanced. The service quality of "CCB Global Matchmaker" has been enhanced, while CCB has lent a helping hand to the stability of global industry chain and international trade. The innovative cross-border payment products have been launched, while BC Trade block chain trade finance platform has become the first block chain trade platform with the trade volume at trillion levels in the field. CCB is lending a helping hand to RMB internationalization. The cross-border settlement in RMB reached RMB2.67 trillion in 2021, increased by 23% as compared with the previous year, wherein the accumulated liquidation quantity in RMB clearing bank in Britain has exceeded RMB64 trillion, remaining the status of the largest RMB clearing bank in the countries outside Asia.


"Three Major Strategies" Further Lead in, Upgrade New Finance Broadly Proceeds

Take shape in house rental business ecology. The construction of indemnificatory houses for leasing is provided with big support. There are over 300 projects in major cities nationwide and the system for indemnificatory houses for leasing has been put into service in over 50 cities. CCB is probing for the sustainable pattern for the operation of long-term lease. There are 179 communities for long-term lease called "CCB JIANRONGJIAYUAN" in service, where the philosophy of intelligent community and the public, financial and business incubation services are made available. CCB is positively probing for house rental in combination with urban renewal and rural revitalization, so the renovations of "villages" in cities and older residential communities in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places are supported. As of the end of 2021, the house rental comprehensive service platform covered 96% cities and higher-level administrative regions of China and offered transparent transaction platforms for 15 thousands enterprises and 38 million leasers and tenants. The balance of loans for house rental was RMB133.46 billion, increased by 60.02%.


Market led by inclusive finance. The operation center for "CCB Huidongni" platform has been set up and there are over 160,000 small and micro businesses that have applied for the loans at the starter rate. The accumulated page views of "CCB Huidongni" APP have exceeded 150 million times, downloads have exceeded 19 million times and there are 63,960 thousands certified enterprises. The diversified demands of inclusive finance colony are focused. CCB has enriched the product system, namely, "Rapid Loan for Small and Micro Businesses", "Rapid Loan for Personal Businesses" , "Abundant agricultural loans" and "Rapid Loans for Transactions" , so as to enhance customer service efficiency. At the end of 2021, the loan balance of inclusive finance reached RMB1.87 trillion, RMB449.94 billion more than that in the previous year; there were 1.9367 million loan customers, 241.2 thousands more customers than that in the previous year. The profits to the entity economy are further surrendered. The loan interest rate for small and micro businesses that were fit for inclusive finance newly granted in that very year was 4.16%, decreased by 0.20 pps as compared with the previous year. CCB given the pain spots of medium and small hi-tech enterprises, i.e., "difficulty in evaluation and financing", "the evaluation system for the innovation ability of hi-tech enterprises" has been built, so as to facilitate the self-reliance and self-improvement of high-level technological enterprises. As of the end of 2021, CCB granted the loans of RMB865.37 billion to the country-level new and hi-tech enterprises, small and medium-sized technological enterprises. Innovation-based intelligent financing has been implemented to be the "Entrepreneurs' Harbor", the colony of small and medium-sized enterprises featuring technological innovation is supported to lay a solid foundation for economic resurgence. "Entrepreneurs' Harbor" has been popularized to 19 provinces and cities, and over 9,000 enterprises involved have been granted with the loans in excess of RMB30 billion.


Internal and external empowerment by FinTech. The investment in FinTech (financial technology) has been increased and the group of versatile talents that are good at both business and technology has been expanding. The independent innovation ability has been steadily enhanced. As of the end of 2021, the group has acquired 731 patent licensing cumulatively, taking the lead in terms of patent licensing for invention in the domestic banking industry. The first bank in the same business has accomplished the transformation of distributed kernel system architecture, while the artificial intelligence (AI) platform has been upgraded in support of 617 application scenarios in all. Promote "CCB Cloud" to become the preferred financial cloud service brand of users, leading the industry in overall scale and service capacity. It has continuously promoted the smart government strategy, established cooperative relations with 29 provincial-level governments, and participated in the construction of government services, regulatory platforms and application scenarios. The registered users have exceeded 200 million and the services handled have exceeded 2.5 billion pieces. The "Inter-provincial Government Services" platforms have been applied in five provinces in Southwest China and the "Inter-provincial Government Services" outlets have covered the entire country. More than 14,000 branches of the bank become "government affairs hall around the people".


Steady progress in digital operation. The restructuring of business scenarios with the new financial philosophy and the utilization of digital business practices and tools have effectively realized the translation of flow rate and value and new advantages of business services have taken shape. The ecological scenario system that is oriented with the "Dual" enterprise-level platform of mobile banking service and CCB life APP and features multi-channel layout, enterprise priority, characteristic services and the cohesion of online and off-line services has been established. As of the end of 2021, the monthly active users for mobile banking service have reached 149 million and the registered users of CCB life APP have exceeded 34 million. The construction of three platforms of business, data and technology has been steadily carried forward and the effect of capacity building has been brought into play. The pilot project of digital RMB has been in the lead from multiple indicators in the field.

Focus on Pain Points in People's Livelihood, Fulfill Social Responsibilities

Highlight green finance. The long-acting development mechanism of green finance is continuously improved, to carry out the "Dual Carbon" action plan as a whole and positively seek the green finance-related new products, new services and new measures. The differentiation management policy for the clients in the white list is worked out, to support and guarantee the top quality credit clients and projects as well as gradually improve the proportion of green loan in the infrastructure, manufacturing industry and agriculture-related fields. Comprehensively applied the green bond, green lease, green trust and other financial instruments to extensively support and nurture the green industry. The "CCB - Wande Green ESG Bond Issue index" is issued, to intensify the green bond subscription. The market increment and acceleration are in the lead. CCB issues the multi-currency ESG bonds converted into, including the first bond for sustainable development in the world and fist global green bond based on Common Ground Taxonomy: Climate Change Mitigation between Europe and China. At the end of 2021, the balance of green bond accounted for RMB1.96 trillion, up 35.61%; underwriting 72 green and sustainable development bond at home and abroad totaling RMB124.04 billion. In 2021, grade A was kept by Mingsheng ESG rating.


Rural revitalize in both quality and effect. Create, solidify and expand the poverty alleviation results and rural revitalization service brands: Based on two product bundles, i.e. online "Yunong Quick Loan" and offline "Rural Revitalization Loan", the credit expansion is further made. Also, the traditional advantage of basic construction is brought into play, to create the "High Level Loan for Farmland" and "Loan for Facility Agriculture", so as to assist the construction of beautiful countryside. Move down the core of service: 80% of towns and administrative villages nationwide are covered by 510 thousands "CCB Yunongtong" service points for inclusive finance. Also, "CCB Yunongtong" integrated service for countryside revitalization is created. Here, the platform functions are continuously improved in such aspects as financial service, intelligent village affairs and handy service for the public. By the end of 2021, the balance of agriculture-related loans was RMB2.47 trillion, an increase of RMB376.96 billion, or 18.05%, over the previous year. The balance of various loans for poverty alleviation areas reached RMB746.42 billion, up 15.32%. The underwritten offering of RMB6.7 billion was made available for rural revitalization. Also, the finance products of RMB13.65 billion were used for rural revitalization. In the "Jin Zhi Hui Min" program, 4.5 million persons were trained in total, to provide the rural areas with financial knowledge.


Create big wealth management system. On the basis of value goal of creating the wealth together, the viewpoint of big wealth is insisted to continuously branch out the service boundary and help more clients to plan the wealth management, to accelerate the common prosperity. On the strength of digital means and financial technology, the individual client's wealth management ability could be fully improved. The transition of big wealth management is launched through the "Caifuji" activity. The big wealth management platform is created. Meanwhile, the wealth channel of mobile banking service is upgraded, to improve the intelligent service ability. At the end of 2021, the balance of domestic individual deposit accounted for RMB11.28 trillion, increased by RMB1.09 trillion as compared with that in the last year. The individual client's financial assets were more than RMB15 trillion. Total number of individual clients reached 726 million, increased by 22.52 million as compared with that in last year. The number of clients who make investment and finance was increased by 22.05 million as compared with that in last year, up 17%. The total profits of personal banking business accounted for 56.74%. The size of Jianxin Wealth Management was nearly RMB2.2 trillion. The private bank assets under management were over RMB2 trillion.


Fulfill the philosophy of finance for the people. Further deepen the mode of "Workers' Harbours+". To cooperate with 1,456 organizations such as Party and government offices, labor union, disabled persons' federation and charitable organization at all levels to offer the services for the aged, make anti-fraud publicity and give the judicial assistance, so that better supplies could be available for the people. Steadily upgrade the services for the age. The facility layout, including the priority seat, presbyopic glasses, magnifying glass and wheelchair at the sites are enhanced. The accessible and the aged-oriented renovation is made for the personal e-bank and mobile banking service, to help the old people to leap over the "Digital Divide". Thus, the information development achievement in the financial industry could be further shared. Build up "Finance & Charity" non-profit new state. For encouraging the employees, clients and relevant organizations to jointly participate in the social non-profit project. The fusion of non-profit project with the business is enhanced to ensure that each donation could be implemented. Thus the positive energy could be infused to the society. In 2021, total amount of non-profit donation accounted for RMB119 million, to particularly support and solidify the poverty alleviation result and rural revitalization, long-term non-profit project and emergent events. Practically maintain consumers' lawful rights and interests. For fully meeting the supervision requirements for protection of consumers' rights and interests. Also, the construction and improvement of system, mechanism, and process for protection of consumers' rights and interests are continually strengthened, to boost the deep integration between the protection of consumers and business development & service management.

Continuously Intensify Internal Risk Control, Further Improve Solid Foundation to Face Challenge

In 2021, CCB constantly assumed the responsibilities as the big state-owned bank, to coordinate the relationship between development and safety, deem the risk management as the lifeline of commercial bank and prevent the serious financial risks. In addition, CCB continuously improved the modern risk management system in a fully, initiative and intelligent way. Here, such working mechanism as risk preference, risk assessment, risk profile and responsibility identification were improved. The Basel Agreement III was fully launched to meet the new standards. CCB proactively participated in the process of new finance practice and business development, improved the data and model-driven digital & intelligent risk control mode and tool, to support the fact growth of strategic capability and effectively ensure the prudent operation and innovative development of the bank.

CCB continuously optimizes the credit structure and tamps the management basis as well as defends the bottom line of risks, so as to maintain the robust quality of assets. At the end of 2021, the balance of non-performing loan was RMB266.07 billion, increased by RMB5.34 billion as compared with that in the last year; the bad loan rate was 1.42%, declined by 0.14pps as compared with that in the last year; special-mentioned loan was 2.69%, declined by 0.26pps as compared with that in the last year. It had a capital adequacy ratio of 17.85%, a Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio of 14.14% and a core Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio of 13.59%, all satisfying the regulatory requirements.

In 2021, CCB was well accepted by the clients in both operation capacity and service level and was awarded with the "China's Best Large Retail Bank" in 2021 and "China's Achievement Prize for Total Risk Management" from the Asian Banker as well as the "Best Bank for RMB Internationalization" in 2021 from the Global Finance. CCB still held the lead and ranked the 2nd among 2021 "Top 1000 Banks in the World" issued by the Banker in UK for the 8th consecutive year. Also, CCB ranked the 25th among top world 500 issued by the Fortune in the USA in 2021.

In a time of unprecedented global changes and a once-in-a-century pandemic as well as changeable international situations and geopolitics, the market uncertainty and risk challenge are exacerbated. However, China's economic fundamentals will be kept well. CCB will seek improvement in stability, fulfill the idea of new development, consider the country's interests, focus on "Three Major Tasks", enhance "Three Capabilities" and deeply boost "Three Major Strategies", so as to continuously deepen the new finance action by means of technical data and digital transformation and assist the healthy development of national economy, which are presented as gift to the 20th National Congress of CPC.


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