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[Information Services]

l       Access a full range of services and all promotions provided by CCB.

l       Inquire about account information such as interest rate for deposit and loan in foreign currencies, exchange rate, fund, etc.

l       Select CCB outlets and ATMs.

l       Wealth Management Calculator.


[Service Supervision]

Complaints: You may voice your complaints through this number whenever you are unsatisfactory with our products or services at our outlets, over the Internet, via telephones or mobile phones.

Suggestions: Your suggestions on our financial products and services are greatly appreciated. 


[Transaction Processing]

You may get the following services by calling us:

Account access: Account balances, statements, and other account information.

Account transfer: Transfer between the client’s different savings accounts, transfer from the client’s own account to another person’s account within the cap, and remittance between different places.

Third-party payment: Telephone bills (including China Telecom, China Netcom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Tietong), water and electricity bills, gas fees, fines for breaking traffic rules and other fees that can be collected by local outlets.

l             Stock business: Through transfer between banking and securities accounts, you may check the balance of securities account and transfer funds between your banking and securities accounts in real time.

l             Bank Custody of Securities Fund: Access balance of account and fund transfer service between CCB custodial account and Securities account.

l             Wealth Management Card Service: Access information about account balance, statements inquiry, transfer within card accounts, payments, remittance, loss report, short message application and etc.

l             Foreign Exchange Trading: You may place entry order and market order any time by picking up your phone for 24 hours a day.

l             Purchase by Phone: Purchase on orders of special merchants via your phone in a real-time base.


Payment of Lottery Funds: The lottery stations may use this service to pay the lottery funds to local lottery management centers. This saves your efforts and time.


[Outbound Operation]

Outbound marketing: We will contact you to introduce our new products and services and inform you of repayment once your debt is due.

Considerate services: We will collect your feedback of your experience with products, or have questionnaires and market survey. We will also remind you of loan repayment in a personalized way. 


[24-hour Service Window]

We provide 24-hour and 7-day service for you.

Loss report: If your card, bankbook, statement, or registered bond is lost, you may report the loss in the first instance with your telephone to secure your funds. (Special note: verbal report is temporary and you have to go to the outlet to report the loss.)

Appointment: If you plan to withdraw large amount of cash, you may make an appointment through 95533.

l             Application on behalf of clients: Our 95533 customer service representatives may apply for products and services of our bank or our authorizers, such as funds and insurance products.


[Value-added Services]

Value-added Services: Through cooperation with the third party, we provide tailored services for you such as Medicare service, VIP service at the airport, hotel  and ticket booking service.


Reminder: For specific services provided by CCB branches, please call the local CCB hotline at 95533 to make inquiry.