China Construction Bank reports operating results for the first quarter of 2022

Published time:2022-04-29

On Apr. 29, 2022, China Construction Bank Corporation (Stock code: SH: 601939; HK: 00939) reported operating results for the first quarter of 2022 (The following data for the Group were prepared in line with International Financial Reporting Standards and denominated in RMB).

At present, the global pandemic has exerted a series of impacts on the economy, finance and market participants. Ever-complicated international geopolitical situations have cast enormous uncertainties over global economic recovery. CCB conscientiously carried out the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council; stood fast to the ideas of new development; served the pattern of new development; carried forward the practice of new finance; actively introduced accurate and efficient measures to help enterprises in trouble; financed the industrial and supply chains; assisted enterprises to incubate intrinsic powers; provided greater resources for key sectors and weak sectors, including infrastructure, manufacturing, strategic emerging industry, green industry, nongovernmental and small and micro businesses; tried hard to promote high quality development and itself also has achieved common prosperity with outstanding business performance.

Well Growth of Liabilities to Assets, Core Indicators Stable and Balanced. CCB has continuously optimized the asset-liability structure and the credit structure and strengthened effective supports to the entity economy. As of the first quarter, CCB had a total asset of RMB 32,012.252 billion, up by RMB 1,758.273 billion or  5.81% QOQ; a total liability of RMB 29,314.072 billion, up by RMB 1,674.215 billion or 6.06% QOQ; distributed loans and advance payments of RMB 19,746.977 billion, up by RMB 939.147 billion or 4.99% QOQ; attracted a deposit of RMB 23,880.522 billion, up by RMB 1,501.708 billion or 6.71% QOQ. CCB achieved a net profit of RMB 87.818 billion, including RMB 88.741 billion in net profit attributable to shareholders, up by 5.78% and 6.77% YOY respectively. The annualised return on average assets stood at 1.13%; the annualised weighted average ROE was 14.02%. It realized the net income from interest of RMB 159.491 billion, up by 8.39% YOY. The net interest margin was 1.96%, basically the same YOY; net interest yield rate of 2.15%, up by 0.02 percentage points YOY, primarily due to optimization of product structure. The net income from handling charges and commissions was RMB 41.073 billion, slightly down YOY, primarily due to discounts for clients to support development of the entity economy and the consequential drop in income of some products YOY. Moreover, we maintained robust developments in wealth management services, agency services, custodian services and other trust services.

Focused on Painful and Difficult Social Points and Stably Promoted "Three Major Strategies". CCB has continuously developed the ecology of house lease initiative. As of the end of March, the house rental comprehensive service platform offered transparent transaction platforms for 15,600 enterprises and 39 million leasers and tenants; there are 189 communities for long-term lease called "CCB JIANGONGJIAYUAN" in service; more than 400 indemnificatory house construction projects have been linked in major cities nationwide and the indemnificatory house lease APP is in operation in 60-plus cities; the balance of house lease loans has registered rapid growth to RMB 162.822 billion at the end of March. The coverage of inclusive finance initiative has been continuously expanded, with continuous growth in the balance of inclusive financial credits to RMB 2,024.156 billion (up by RMB 150.473 billion QOQ) and the number of customers to 2.09 million (up by 153,300 QOQ); the balance of agriculture-related loans amounted to RMB 2,668.775 billion, up by RMB 202.957 billion QOQ. Independent controllability of FinTech keeps improving. Greater efforts have been made to improve mobile banking, CCB Life APP and "Three Platforms"; CCB has facilitated the construction of new financial ecological scenes and effectively assisted in the bank's operational digitalization. CCB firmly stuck to the policy of manufacturing-based development. As of the end of March, the balance of loans to the manufacturing sector amounted to RMB 1.93 trillion , up by RMB 235.6 billion or 13.94% QOQ and RMB 180.5 billion YOY; the balance of middle and long-term loans to the manufacturing sector amounted to RMB 755.4 billion, up by RMB 83.6 billion or 12.45% QOQ. CCB continuously availed the advantages in infrastructures. As of the end of March, the balance of loans to the infrastructure sector amounted to RMB 5.39 trillion, up by RMB 304.8 billion or 6.00% QOQ, including a balance of loans to new-type infrastructure construction projects of RMB 104.5 billion, with 1,147 new-type infrastructure clients. CCB focused on the national goals in peak carbon emission and carbon neutralization and aggressively developed the green finance industry. The balance of green bond accounted for RMB 2.26 trillion, up by RMB 297.222 billion or 15.14% QOQ. CCB gave rein to the Group's advantages in fully-licensed comprehensive operations to support the development of the entity economy. The Group's comprehensive financing registered satisfactory growth. As of the end of March, the balance amounted to RMB 25 trillion, up by RMB 1.1 trillion or 4.6% QOQ.

Continuously Intensify Internal Risk Control, Further Improve Solid Foundation to Face Challenge. In terms of risk prevention and control and asset quality, CCB holds the bottom line that systematic risks do not occur. With the concept of systematic thinking and comprehensive initiative and intelligence, the Bank explores and practices new risk management methods that are suitable for the digital economy and new finance, and constructs a modern risk control system led by technology. CCB continuously strengthened management and control of credit risks, market risks and cyber technology, data and other new-type risks and maintained sound asset quality. As of the end of 2022Q1, based on five categories of loans, the CCB's balance of NPL amounted to RMB 276.552 billion, up by RMB 10.481 billion QOQ; the NPL ratio was 1.40%, down by 0.02 percentage points QOQ. The provision coverage ratio was 246.36%, up by 6.4 percentage points QOQ. A capital adequacy ratio of 17.91%, a first-tier capital adequacy ratio of 14.21% and a core first-tier capital adequacy ratio of 13.67% are measured in accordance with the Administrative Measures for the Capital of Commercial Banks (for Trial Implementation), all satisfying the regulatory requirements.

Next, CCB will stick to the finance-for- economy principle, perform its social responsibilities as a major state-owned bank, help to stabilize economic development and improve livelihood, strengthen financial supports to the entity economy, continuously deepen the new financial actions, take effective service measures to promote high quality development of national economy and welcome the 20th national congress of the CPC with concrete actions.


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