China Construction Bank reports operating results of 2022

Published time:2023-03-29

Promote Stable Development and Pursue Progress, Improve Quality and Efficiency and Enhance Confidence

China Construction Bank reports operating results of 2022


Summary of financial data of 2022 (RMB):

  • The Group’s total assets amounted to RMB34.60 trillion, representing an increase of 14.37% over the previous year.
  • Net profit was RMB323.166 billion, representing an increase of 6.33% over the previous year; net interest income was RMB643.064 billion, up 6.22%; net interest margin was 2.02%.
  • Average return on assets (ROA) and weighted average return on equity (ROE) were 1.00% and 12.27% respectively.
  • Capital adequacy ratio was 18.42%, non-performing loan ratio 1.38%, and provision coverage 241.53%.
  • Considering the satisfactory performance, the Board recommends the payment of a final cash dividend RMB0.389 (tax inclusive) per share.


Beijing/Hong Kong, 29 March 2023, China Construction Bank Corporation (stock code: SH: 601939; HK: 00939) (“CCB” or the “Bank”) announced its operating results for 2022. In 2022, CCB deeply studied and implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, earnestly implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council,  fully and faithfully applied the new development concept on all fronts, held fast to the political and people orientation of financial work, continuously improved professionalism, focused on key tasks such as serving the real economy, preventing and controlling financial risks, and deepening financial reform, pressed ahead with New Finance initiatives , continuously improved the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy, enhanced asset quality in a stable manner and realized high quality development in supporting economic and social development and meeting people’s needs for a better life.



Fully Support the Development of Real Economy

Continuously Release Financial Service Momentum


Help to stabilize the economic fundamentals. CCB increased credit granting in green finance, inclusive finance, advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and other fields, accurately promoted the development in key fields and regions, injecting a steady financial momentums into the real economy. The domestic corporate loans amounted to RMB11.02 trillion, an increase of RMB1.43 trillion over the previous year, up by 14.87%. The balance of loans to the infrastructure industry was RMB5.71 trillion, up by 12.62%; loans to the manufacturing industry was RMB2.24 trillion, up by 32.78%; the balance of loans to strategic emerging industries was RMB 1.47 trillion, up by 59.80%; CCB provided supply chain financing of RMB920.541 billion to 119,000 customers in the industrial chains of 5,170 core enterprises; corporate loans to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area experienced a growth of over 20%. “Sci-tech Innovation Evaluation” system has been rolled out in the Bank, covering more than 600,000 sci-tech companies.  With a loan balance of RMB68.349 billion, the Bank conducted credit business with 2,180 “little giants” firms, namely specialized and sophisticated firms that produce novel and unique products. CCB vigorously supported the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy, by increasing its bond investment, with a total financial investment of RMB8.54 trillion, an increase of 11.75%. The Bank facilitated the efforts to stabilize foreign investment and trade and smoothen the industrial, supply  and value chain in the global trade. “CCB Match Plus” platform has held more than 210 digital exhibitions and cross-border matchmaking activities for over17,000 enterprises in 35 countries and regions. The Bank provided RMB1.77 trillion in trade finance to effectively meet the funding demand of foreign trade enterprises.

Forestall financial risks. CCB properly balanced safety and development, firmly established the comprehensive risk management concept of “comprehensive, whole-process, all-staff, all-around, global, and group-wide”, and strengthened the anticipation, monitoring and analysis of significant risk types and key risk areas. CCB continued to improve the comprehensive, proactive and smart modern risk management system, refined and clarified the responsibilities of the three defense lines for coordinated risk control and management, actively strengthened the prevention and control of major financial risks, continued to promote the upgrading of the smart risk control system, improved the ability of risk compensation, gave full rein to the value creation ability of risk control, and therefore put all kinds of risks under control as a whole. In 2022, CCB continued to do a good job in risk assessment, proactively responded to risks and challenges, adjusted and optimized the credit structure, strengthened credit base management and risk prevention and control, properly resolved and disposed risks, and as a result maintained sound asset quality. As at the end of 2022, the group’s nonperforming loans was RMB292.825 billion; the NPL ratio was 1.38%, down by 0.04 percentage points compared with the previous year.


Realize steady and balanced growth of assets and liabilities. As at the end of 2022, the total assets of the group amounted to RMB34.60 trillion, up by 14.37%. The net amount of loans and advances reached  RMB20.50 trillion, up by 12.79%. The total liabilities reached RMB31.72 trillion, up by 14.77%; the deposits reached RMB25.02 trillion,up by 11.81%. The net profit of the whole year was RMB323.166 billion, up by 6.33%. Net interest margin stood at 2.02%, average return on assets was 1.00%, weighted average return on equity was 12.27%, capital adequacy ratio was 18.42% and operating efficiency remained at the forefront of the market, bringing stable and reliable value returns to customers and shareholders.



Comprehensively Deepen New Financial Initiatives

Help to Establish a New Development Paradigm

Continue to explore new models of finance in helping real estate development. CCB actively supported first home and improved housing demands, met the reasonable funding needs of real estate developers, and comprehensively provided financial services for “guaranteed delivery of overdue housing projects”. Continued to improve the new system of financial services for housing rental, initiated the establishment of China’s first  housing rental fund with a scale of RMB30 billion, and formed a closed loop of “investment, financing, management and withdrawal” services integrating equity investment, financing support, management and operation, and REIT listing. As at the end of 2022, the balance of corporate housing rental  loans was RMB242.192 billion, up by RMB108.731 billion, or 81.47% compared with the previous year, supporting more than 1,000 housing rental enterprises and more than 600 affordable- rental housing projects. CCB Housing “CCB Home” platform has 16,000 corporate users and more than 43 million individual users, with more than 160,000 properties under management and more than 200 long-term rental communities of “CCB Home” in operation.

Solidly promote the high-quality development of inclusive finance. CCB focused on the differentiated needs of the customers of inclusive finance, enriched the supply of digital online services, and became the financial institution with the largest total offering of inclusive finance. We upgraded and built the “CCB Huidongni” 3.0 integrated ecological service platform and established a functional layout covering credit, wealth and operation. As at the end of 2022, the balance of inclusive financial loans of regulatory caliber was RMB2.35 trillion, up by RMB477.676 billion or 25.49% over the previous year; there were 2.53 million inclusive loan customers, an increase of 589,200 over the previous year. The cumulative number of visits to the “CCB Huidongni” app exceeded 210 million, and 1,990,000 customers were granted with a credit line of RMB1.64 trillion, setting a record high. We stepped up efforts to help ease enterprises’ burden. In 2022, a total of 324,600 customers were provided with loan extension services; 3,188 customers of various types enjoyed deferred interest payments.

Promote services for rural revitalization. CCB met the diversified and multi-level financial needs of agriculture-related customers, and strived to enhance the availability of rural financial services. With the launch of the Villagelink program via the "Yunongtong " comprehensive service platform for rural revitalization, CCB has set up 440,000 service sites nationwide, covering most townships and administrative villages in the country, and serving 52 million rural households. The "Yunongtong " service platform has more than 5 million registered users, providing nearly RMB20 billion of credit support to rural households cumulatively. As of the end of 2022, the agriculture-related loans grew by leaps and bounds, the balance exceeded RMB3 trillion, up by RMB538.708 billion over the previous year, or 21.85%; The number of agriculture-related loan customers was 3,169,500, and the quality of assets was maintained at a relatively high level.

Improve the long-term mechanism for green financial development. CCB built a diversified service system covering green credit, green bonds, green funds, green leasing and others. As of the end of 2022, the balance of green-related loans was RMB2.75 trillion, up by RMB786.976 billion from the previous year, a record increase. The balance of RMB green bonds increased by more than 110% over the previous year, and the balance of foreign-currency green bonds increased by more than 10%. It participated in the underwriting of 87 domestic and overseas green and sustainability bonds, with an underwriting scale of RMB156.067 billion, an increase of 25.79% over the previous year; It issued a number of green bonds, equivalent to more than RMB 17 billion. CCB received A in MSCI ESG ratings for three consecutive years.

Facilitate smart government services empowering governance. CCB actively served the construction of digital government and helped to bring convenience to people, benefit enterprises and optimize governmental services. As of the end of 2022, CCB has established partnerships with 29 provincial governments and participated in the development of the "Internet+ government service" and "Internet+ regulation" platforms or scenarios of application for 14 provinces and 13 cities. The platform has 240 million registered users and 4 billion business transactions cumulatively. To build a "government service hall for the people", all 37 branches have opened smart ATMs in outlets, providing handling, booking and inquiry services for more than 8,000 government service items. The special "Inter-provincial Government Services" were available at all business outlets across 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

Explore home-grown innovation in FinTech. CCB consolidated the construction of new financial digital infrastructures, continuously enhanced self-sufficiency of core technologies, realized agile and collaborative FinTech force within the group, and achieved internal and external empowerments. It unveiled the "CCB Cloud" financial industry cloud service brand. With the computing power scaling up by more than 30% YOY, CCB continued to lead its peers in service size and capacity, and provided SciTech services for more than 200 financial institutions, governments and other customers. By increasing investment in FinTech, CCB improved the FinTech system and mechanism. As of the end of 2022, the number of FinTech personnel was 15,811, accounting for 4.20% of the group's total workforce; FinTech investment amounted to RMB23.29 billion, accounting for 2.83% of the operating income; a total of 1,256 patents have been granted, an increase of 525 YOY; and the number of invention patents granted is leading the domestic banking industry.

Advance innovation-driven digital management. CCB released the "Digital CCB Construction Plan (2022-2025)" to clarify the development direction and overall roadmap of digital operation. It continued to improve the ecological scenario system with "Binary star" as the core, accelerated the construction of the "Three Middle Platforms" of business, data and technology, and actively carried out product innovation in key business areas. In 2022, CCB carried out 10 strategic innovation projects and completed 28 key innovation projects of the head office, 2,115 independent innovation projects of branches and 2,666 innovation projects transferred from branches.


Adhere to the Concept of Finance for the People

Serve the People for a Better Life

Focus on serving general customers. CCB continuously deepened the personal customer operation and management system with full coverage, promoted the strategy of mega wealth management to a higher level, consolidated its largest market share of personal credit business, strengthened the protection of consumer rights and interests, and promoted the high-quality development of personal finance businesses. As of the end of 2022, domestic personal deposits amounted to RMB13.07 trillion, an increase of 15.92% and a record high in recent years; there were over 739 million personal customers, with the managed personal customer's financial assets reaching over RMB17 trillion; the assets of private banking customers reached RMB2.25 trillion, and the profit of personal financial business accounted for 56.65% of total profits. Also, CCB actively carried out pilot programs of pension finance, comprehensively rolled out personal pension business, took advantage of the group's full license to build an ecology of pension business scenarios, and provided comprehensive solutions for health and elderly care services. It is leading the industry in pension wealth management scale.

Build a consumer finance ecosystem to help expand domestic demands. CCB gave full play to the role of consumer finance in expanding domestic demands, promoting consumptions, and protecting people's livelihood. As of the end of 2022, domestic personal loans amounted to RMB8.24 trillion, an increase of 4.37%. It supported housing consumption, met the reasonable housing needs of residents and provided individual housing loans in an amount of RMB6.48 trillion, an increase of 1.46%; it deeply engaged in consumer credit, innovatively launched consumer credit services in fields of automobile, decoration, tourism, education, and overseas study, with the balance of credit card loans amounting to RMB924.873 billion, an increase of 3.20%; personal consumption loans amounted to RMB295.443 billion, an increase of 26.81%; it created the " Binary star" strategy of mobile banking and CCB Life, formed a new ecology of the "Binary star" core platform with full coverage of finance and non-finance; the number of mobile banking users reached 440 million; the number of "CCB Life" customers exceeded 100 million, and a commission-free online operation and traffic platform was provided for 350,000 merchant stores, and government consumption coupons worth over RMB3 billion were issued in more than 220 cities, driving nearly RMB10 billion of social and livelihood-related consumption and facilitating domestic demand expansion and consumption recovery.

Continue to unleash the power of finance for good. CCB expanded the "Workers' Harbours+" service with 13,875 sites opened to the public, enriched elderly-accessible services , comprehensive government services, rural revitalization services, green and low-carbon services and barrier-free services, etc., and implemented a number of elderly-care and barrier-free transformations to meet the needs of the disabled and groups requiring special care; 145 outlets passed the group standard certification of Requirements for Elderly-Care of Bank Branches, and the number remained the first in the industry. We continued to build a public welfare brand, and carried out long-term public welfare projects such as the Mother's Health Express, the Senior High School Student Growth Program, the "CCB Home" Rural Revitalization Project and the CCB Hope Project, with a total public welfare donation of RMB128 million in 2022.


2023 is the first year to fully implement the decisions made at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Despite the huge uncertainties faced by the international economic and financial market, the Chinese economy enjoys strong resilience, tremendous potential and great vitality. China’s economic fundamentals sustaining its long-term growth have remained unchanged. With the gradual rebound in demand, the overall economic performance is expected to pick up, creating broad opportunities and space for us to continue to promote high-quality development. CCB will persist in seeking progress while maintaining stability, implement the new development philosophy in a complete, accurate and comprehensive manner, and continuously deepen New Finance initiatives, adhere to the original aspiration of serving the real economy, continuously enhance its ability to serve the country's construction, prevent financial risks, and participate in international competition, grasp the strategic initiative while serving high-quality national development, strengthen development confidence, consolidate accumulated advantages, and contribute to the Chinese path to modernization in an all-around manner.




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