CCB Uses New International Top Level Domain Name

Published time:2006-07-13

Today, CCB announced that from now on China Construction Bank Corporation would use the new international top level domain name WWW.CCB.COM. It is the only domain name composed of three letters owned by a Chinese bank. Even around the world it is also one of the shortest and most valuable business domain names. The use of the new name is of great importance for the bank to build a sound brand image of a listed company, better serve Chinese and foreign customers, prevent the counterfeit website and protect the security of c user.


It is said that business domain name is a kind of rare global resources and has great commercial value. A simple, clear and easy-to-remember domain name is not only a symbol of brand image and goodwill but more importantly a portal to customers and a major channel of expanding market, protecting brand value and improving business image. Since its successful IPO last year, CCB, as an international bank, overseas listed company and a state-owned large financial conglomerate, has been striding towards the goal of growing into a modern shareholding commercial bank with international competitiveness. By learning from leading international banks, improving corporate governance system, raising strategic management capacity and implementing the “customer-centric” business philosophy to improve services, CCB not only wins wide recognition from the society but also increases its brand value considerably. The adoption of the new domain name following international practice to serve customers and investors via Internet is a major measure of the bank to apply information technology for innovation, build marketing channels, raise the efficiency of technology application, support the implementation of the development strategies and maintain brand image.


In recent years, CCB’s sense of Internet assets protection is increasing. It has implemented the brand maintenance strategy, accumulated rich experiences and adopted sophisticated measures of managing its Internet domain names. Internet resources such as domain name have played a positive role in its application of information technology. CCB has registered several hundreds of domain names including Internet keyword, universal website and Chinese domain name such as CCB.CN, CCB.COM.CN, 95533, LONG CARD and consolidated the websites of its branches nationwide in 2003. This move helps prevent the counterfeit website and protect its tangible assets and customer safety. It is easy for visitors to remember the simple and clear domain name while the counterfeit website usually uses the similar domain name which easily catches those customers who visit the bank’s website for the first time. The register of the international domain name WWW.CCB.COM will make it easier for its customers to log on to its website and especially establish an express passage for foreign customers to be informed of and enjoy the services of CCB.


CCB notes that after the adoption of the new domain name the original CCB.CN and CCB.COM.CN will remain effective.

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