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We are a leading commercial bank in China providing a comprehensive range of commercial banking products and services. Our business consists of three principal business segments: corporate banking, personal banking, and treasury operations. We are among the market leaders in China in a number of products and servicesincluding infrastructure loansresidential mortgage and bank cards.


We have an extensive customer base, with established banking relationships with many of the largest business groups and leading companies in industries which are strategically important to China's economy. We have an extensive network of approximately 13629 branch outlets. In addition, we maintain overseas branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, JohannesburgTokyoSeoul, New York, Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney. Our subsidiaries mainly include China Construction BankAsiaCorporation Limited, China Construction Bank (London) Limited, China Construction Bank International (Holdings) LimitedSino-German Bausparkasse Co. Ltd, and China Construction Bank Principal Asset Management Co. Ltd, and China Construction Bank Financial Leasing Corporation Limited.