Shareholders’ Meeting Information


Q.       Do you hold Shareholders Meetings?


A.        CCB holds Shareholders Meeting every year and all shareholders will be invited to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  If there is any important issue that needs to be decided upon before the next AGM, shareholders may be called to an Extraordinary General Meeting.



Q.       When will the next AGM be held?


A.        Please refer to our Corporate Calendar for upcoming events and date.



Q.       Am I eligible to vote in the AGM if my shares are deposited with the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited?


A.        If you would like to attend the AGM in person and your shares are deposited with the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited, your must obtain a proxy form duly signed by HKSCC appointing you as a proxy.  You may contact your stockbroker for further assistance.



Q.       Can I vote in the AGM if I could not attend the AGM?


  A.    CCB will send you a proxy form before the meeting. If you would like to vote on each of the resolutions, you can either nominate a representative to go to the AGM and vote on your behalf.  Alternatively, you may indicate whether you vote for or against each of the resolutions due to be decided at the AGM on the Proxy form.

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