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Q.       Where can I obtain some financial information about CCB?


A.        You may click on Financial Highlights under Investor Relations to view the financial information about CCB or you can click onto Annual and Interim Reports to obtain a detailed financial report of the company.



Q.       Who are the external auditors of CCB?


A.        Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP as the domestic accounting firm of CCB and the onshore subsidiaries, Ernst & Young as the international accounting firm of CCB and the offshore subsidiaries.



Q.       Does CCB have an audit committee to monitor the company’s financials?


A.        The Board of Directors has set up 5 specialised Board Committees and one of them being the Audit Committee.  You may click on Board of Directors under Corporate Governance to find out about the name of the committee members and their responsibilities.



Q.       When does CCB report its financial results?


A.    You may click on Corporate Calendar under Investor Relations for upcoming events and dates.

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Q.      Is the result announcements presentation available for viewing?


A.    You may click on Results Announcements and Presentation under Investor Relations for result announcements presentation.