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Currently, CCB’s Board of Supervisors has nine supervisors, including three shareholder representative supervisors and three external supervisors, all of whom are elected at the Shareholders’ General Meeting, as well as three employee representative supervisors who are elected at the Staff Representative Congress.

The Board of Supervisors of China Construction Bank Corporation is responsible to the Shareholders’ General Meeting. It inspects and supervises CCB’s financial activities, supervises the duty performance of the Board of Directors and the Senior Management and their members, and supervises CCB’s business decision-making, risk management, and internal control.

Under the Board of Supervisors are the Performance and Due Diligence Supervision Committee and the Finance and Internal Control Supervision Committee. All special committees of the Board of Supervisors are responsible to the Board of Supervisors and assist the Board of Supervisors in performing its duties.



Mr. Wang Yongqing

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Shareholder Representative Supervisor

Mr. Lin Hong

Shareholder Representative Supervisor

Mr. Wang Yi

Employee Representative Supervisor

Mr. Liu Jun

Employee Representative Supervisor

Mr. Zhao Xijun

External Supervisor

Mr. Liu Huan

External Supervisor

Mr. Ben Shenglin

External Supervisor