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China Construction Bank Corporation's Board of Supervisors represents the supervising body of China Construction Bank Corporation, which reports to the Shareholders' General Meetings. The Board of Supervisors is responsible for monitoring the legitimacy and compliance of the conduct of the Board of Directors and the Senior Management and the Bank's financial status. Our Board of Supervisors consists of seven supervisors: Three supervisors representing shareholders and one external supervisors, all elected by our shareholders; and three supervisors representing employees and elected by employee representatives. Directors and executives may not serve as supervisors. The chairman is elected by the Board of Supervisors. The term of office for our supervisors is three years, renewable upon re-election. 



Mr. Wang Yongqing

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors

Mr. Wu Jianhang


Mr. Fang Qiuyue


Mr. Lu Kegui

Employee Representative Supervisor

Mr. Cheng Yuanguo

Employee Representative Supervisor

Mr. Wang Yi

Employee Representative Supervisor

Mr. Zhao Xijun

External Supervisor