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Shareholders’ General Meeting

The Shareholders’ General Meeting is the organ of power of the Bank and shall exercise functions and powers according to the law and shall legally exercise functions and powers on the following matters: to decide on the Bank’s business policies and investment plans; to elect and replace directors and decide on remuneration of relevant directors; to elect and replace supervisors who are to be appointed from the shareholders’ representatives and external supervisors, and to decide on the remuneration of relevant supervisors; to review and approve the report of the Board of Directors; to review and approve the report of the Board of Supervisors; to review and approve the Bank’s annual financial budgets and final accounts; to review and approve the Bank’s profit distribution plan and plan for making up for losses; to make resolutions on the Bank’s increase or reduction of registered capital; to make resolutions on the Bank’s merger, division, dissolution, liquidation or other matters; to make resolutions on the issuance and listing of corporate bonds or other negotiable securities; to make resolutions on the Bank’s material acquisitions and repurchase of the Bank’s shares; to make resolutions on the Bank’s engagement, removal or non-renewal of the accounting firm; to amend the Articles and other basic documents of corporate governance; to review the proposals presented by the shareholders independently or collectively holding more than three percent (3%) of the issued and outstanding shares of the Bank; to review and approve the Bank’s significant equity investment, bond investment, asset purchase, asset disposal, asset write-off, asset mortgage, and other non­commercial banking business guarantee; to review and approve changes in the use of raised proceeds; to review the share incentive plan; to decide the issuance of preference shares; to decide or authorize the Board of Directors to decide the matters relating to the issuance of preference shares by the Bank, including but without limitation to repurchase, conversion and dividend distribution etc.; to review other matters that shall be decided by the Shareholders’ General Meeting according to the laws, regulations, rules, regulations issued by the local securities regulatory authorities where shares of the Bank are listed and the Articles.