Paying Salaries on Behalf of Organizations
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Product Description

A CCB outlet may pay salaries on behalf of an organization by opening a deposit account for each employee of the organization and depositing the employee’s salary into his or her account.  The employee may withdraw his or her salary by presenting a bankbook.

Service Description

If an organization intends to have CCB pay salaries on its behalf, it must sign an agreement with a CCB outlet, which defines each party’s obligations and resolutions for possible problems;

after signing the agreement, the organization only needs to provide CCB outlet with a check for the current month’s salaries, the salary of each employee, and a data disk two days before the pay day. 

A CCB outlet may charge the organization that opens this service in CCB a certain amount of fees on the basis of the number of employees or total amount of salaries.


CCB will not charge small-amount-account management fees for the deposit account of this type.