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CCB rents safes for clients to store valuables, important documents, commercial papers and other belongings. CCB offers this service to meet diversified demands of customers.

Product Description

The client may be an individual, an organization, or a non-profit organization. An individual renter may authorize a second person to share the safe. Persons with limited or no legal capability may not rent a safe, nor may they be authorized to share a safe.

Three major reasons for selecting CCB’s safes

1. All sizes of safes. CCB may offer safes of any size for your choice.

2. Secure and convenient: The outlets that rent safes may provide a secure and confidential space for you to store your valuables.

3. Quality service. CCB has first-class hardware and software facilities and a scientific and strict internal management system. We will do our best to provide quality services for our clients.


If you are on a trip or go abroad, you may store your gold, silver and jewelries, antiques, calligraphic works, paintings, stocks, bonds, real estate proofs, certificates of insurance and other valuable or private objects into our safes to avoid being stolen, being disclosed or being burned. You anxieties will be taken care of by our bank.

Service Channels:

CCB large-scale outlets

Application Methods:

You may launch the application at our outlets with your valid ID. CCB reviews the application. If you are eligible, CCB assigns a safe to you.

User Guide

1. The client and his/her authorized person do the required paperwork and open the safe to store their belongings.

2. When the lease expires, the leasee may continue to use the safe provided that he or she pays the rent for another lease period.

3. When the lease expires, the leasee may return the key, settle the payment, and terminate the lease. The bank takes over the safe.

4. If the leasee or his/her authorized person lose the seal or key, he or she may report the loss to CCB.