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As the legal person or natural person, if you purchase the designated brands of engineering machinery from the dealers designated by CCB, you may apply for the engineering machinery guaranty loan from CCB.

CCB engineering machinery guaranty loan provides credit fund for the legal person and natural person to satisfy their needs of engineering machinery. At present our bank provides the credit service for purchasing designated brands of excavators, loaders, rollers, bulldozers, and cranes.

If you mortgage the machines you have purchased in CCB, receiving the purchase receipt CCB will complete the mortgage registration with you in the industrial and commercial administering department and the automobile administration department. At the same time the dealer and you must have insurance in the insurance company designated by CCB. The first beneficiary must be CCB on the certificate of insurance and the insurance term may not be shorter than the loan limit.

When you file an application, you should provide the guarantor or mortgage goods according to the guaranty rules. If a third party (other than a bank or insurance company) provides a guarantee, the upper loan limit may be 60% of the machinery purchase price. If the purchased machines or other real property is mortgaged, the upper loan limit may be 70% of the machinery purchase price. If the mortgage rights are provided, the limit may be 80% of the machinery purchase price.

The engineering machinery guaranty loan of CCB is only offered in RMB. The loan term varies according to the brand of the engineering machinery, subject to the upper limit of three years.


The client process is as follows:

1. Signing agreements. The manufacturer signs a “Bank-Manufacturer Cooperative Agreement for the Engineering Machinery Guaranty Loan” with the loan-making CCB branch, and the partner merchant signs a “Cooperative Agreement for the Engineering Machinery Guaranty Loan” with CCB branch where it opens an account.

2. Client negotiations. The borrower signs a purchase contract or agreement with the authorized dealer, and discusses the credit limit of the engineering machinery guaranty loan.

3. Application. The borrower applies to a CCB branch (CCB branch in the city where the borrower is located) for an engineering machinery guaranty loan.

4. Guaranty. After CCB branch approves the application, it signs a loan contract with the borrower and requests guaranty.  It also issues an “Engineering Machinery Guaranty Loan Notification” and the borrower simultaneously pays a down payment to the dealer.

5. Depository of certificates. When the dealer receives the “Engineering Machinery Guaranty Loan Notification”, he will assist the borrower in paying required fees and obtaining a license, and turns over the purchase receipt, the quality assurance certificate, and the original copies of fee receipts to CCB branch for depository.

6. Loan disbursement. When CCB branch receives the certificates such as the invoice, it notifies the borrower to withdraw the loan funds.

7. Repayment. The borrower must make the same amount of payments of principal and interest on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The clients can consult with the bank to confirm the interest rate of engineering machinery guaranty loan according to the PBC loan interest regulations.