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Service functions

CCB performs its duties as custodian, safeguards assets, follows the investment instructions of fund managers, settles funds in a timely, accurate, and secure manner, verifies fund assets, and provides diverse services.


A. Account Management.  As the custodian, CCB opens and manages the deposit account of the fund it serves, keeps the fund’s seals, and performs fund transfers.


B. Asset Maintenance.  CCB maintains the client’s assets.  It opens a separate account for each fund it serves, verifies the asset stock regularly, and ensures the integrity of the assets. 


C. Fund Settlement.  CCB transfers funds according to the instructions of the fund manager in a timely fashion.


D. Business accounting and appraisement. CCB opens independent accounting books for asset under custody, and conduct business accounting and appraisement to the asset, while recording all the transactions and investment.


E. Monitoring. CCB monitors the investment scope and orders of the asset under custody according to the relevant rules and agreement of the two parties.