Third-party Payment
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Depending upon our extensive network of outlets across the nation, CCB offers third-party collection and payment service, which may save your valuable time and improve your efficiency.

Product Description

If an organization would like to have a CCB outlet collect fees for it, it must sign a collection agreement with the outlet, which specifies both parties’ obligations and resolutions for potential problems.

During the collection period, the organization must then provide the outlet or a designated accountant with a list of fees to be paid. CCB outlet then transfers payment from the payers’ accounts according to the list, or accepts cash payment according to the “payment notification.”

For individual customers, the third-party collection and payment service offered by CCB may save your valuable time and improve your efficiency due to its extensive network of outlets across the nation. You may first sign a payment collection agreement with CCB, defining the monthly fees to be deducted from the agreed accounts.

The payment services are also available on our ATMs and multimedia self-service terminals. You can call 95533 or use our on-line banking system to make daily payment without stepping out of your home.

The collection services include: fixed telephone bills, IP telephone bills, Internet access fees, Little Smart phone bills, mobile phone bills, cable TV fees, public utility fees, taxes, administrative fees, administrative fines or confiscated funds, industrial and commercial administrative fees, sports/welfare lottery sales revenues, social insurance fees, tuitions, and magazine/newspaper subscription fees. (Please refer to the collection services published at each outlet).