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If your company needs to procure ships, you may mortgage the ship owned by yourself or the third party, or the ship that you plan to purchase for normal operations and apply for the mortgage-backed loans for ship procurement by small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) offered by our bank.


If your company needs to procure new ships, you may apply for the mortgage-backed loans for ship procurement by mortgaging the ship owned by you or the third party, or other properties and repaying the loans with the revenues generated from ship operations.


The features of this loan are as follows: It may help companies expand business scope and enhance the competitiveness. The loan can be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis to alleviate your repayment pressure.  The loan is another financing source for small and medium-sized enterprises.


The process is as follows:


1. Application. When you file an application for this types of loans in CCB branches, you must provide: the operations permit; institutional code certificate; legal person code certificate, legal representative identification certificate; loan certificate; financial statements and auditing reports verified by a treasury department or a CPA firm for the previous three years and the previous month (if the business is less than three years old, it must provide all available financial statements); tax registration certificate; written documents that can prove you have stable source of income such as contract for regular of continuous transportation and ship lease contract; relevant documents for the mortgage of the ship, including ownership certificate, nationality certificate, seaworthiness certificate, ship inspection certificate, ship operation permit, minimum safety manning document, fixed sea shipping line, etc.


2. Approving and signing contracts. The bank will sign the Mortgage-backed Loans and Guaranty Contract for Ship Procurement if it approves the loan. If the bank does not approve the loan, it will return the application documents to the applicants.


3. Guaranty. After signing the agreement, we will accompany you to the local marine authorities to complete the registration of ship mortgage and purchase insurance for the mortgaged property. If there is a third-party guarantor involved, the bank will accompany you to complete all relevant registration and notarization procedures.


4. Loan Disbursement. When you complete the above procedures, the loan contract will come into effect. You may withdraw the loan at any moment but the loan must be directly transferred to the account provided the ship seller and CCB has the right to monitoring the usage of the loan.


We may negotiate on the interest rate for this type of loans or the fees that occur in the process according to the rules set by PBC.