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CCB’s custody business has enjoyed fast growth in the recent years. It has developed its own service features and taken a privileged position in the market.


CCB’s efficient settlement system, sophisticated custody services integrated system, and meticulous internal controls provide reliable technical support.  Its settlement system integrates real-time electronic fund transfer, fund settlement, accounting verification and information access, and offers powerful processing, fast transfer, back-up support and versatility; it provides clients with settlement port software and standards, and allows corporate clients to access their accounts, transfer accounts between different locations, and control authorization; fund transfer between different locations is fast: urgent services may be accomplished within a minute, regular services are generally completed within thirty minutes, and transfers between different branches are accomplished smoothly.  The “CCB Investment Fund Custody Services Integrated System” offers multiple functions, both meeting day-to-day needs and accomplishing business management, monitoring, analysis and evaluation.  Moreover, CCB has a meticulous internal controls system within its fund custody department, with which it monitors both fund operations and internal management according to laws and regulations.  CCB also designates classified areas and installs audiovisual monitoring systems to ensure the security of fund information. 


Well-structured institution. CCB’s fund custody department has a sophisticated structure, with good interactions between different divisions. It has separated the settlement from accounting in the practice. The whole process is monitored by specific divisions through internal control.


Well-developed rules and regulations. CCB upholds the principle of “rules-first”. It has formulated and improved a whole set of custody rules, like “Measures on Regulating CCB’s Custody Business”, “Rules Governing CCB’s Entrusted Asset Custody Business”, “Rules on Internal Control of the Business of Department of Fund Custody”, “Rules on the Monitoring of CCB’s Investment of Fund and Entrusted Asset”, and “Handbook of Risk Control for CCB’s Custody Business”. As the code of conduct of CCB’s custody business, these rules and regulations have helped guard against risks and promoted the healthy growth of the business.


Extensive cooperation between CCB and international market players. In recent years, CCB has learned form the foreign banks their experience in asset custody and fund selling, and has actively cooperated with their custody branches. CCB has signed with financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan the agreement on fund business cooperation. The two sides have extensive exchanges and cooperation on information sharing, know-how cooperation, client service, and staff training. We also invited the J.P. Morgan and Deutsch Bank to assess CCB’s open-ended fund business system. On the other hand, CCB have dispatched research teams to go abroad, and held many symposiums and training programs on overseas custody. Through these activities CCB has learned the specific procedures and rules of the foreign banks custody service, improved its own R&D capacity and guaranteed a smooth growth of the business. The overseas branches and offices of CCB at the same time have fully capitalized on their geographic convenience, and provided the domestic institution with timely information of the international fund market. They tried every means to promote international cooperation and help the custody business go in line with international standards.


Excellent staff teams. Over 40% of the staff of CCB’s custody business has MA degrees, with different majors including finance, securities, accounting, management, and computer. All of the staff has qualification in fund business, enjoying sound ethics and competence. They cooperate fully with the clients with their sincerity, warmth and efficiency.


Comprehensive information and consulting service. CCB provides full financial service for the clients.

 (1) Industrial policies, status, and research results on fund theories.

(2) Investment consulting. CCB provides the clients with various financial products and service, generated from rich experience and privileges enjoyed in fields like long-term credit, infrastructure, cost assessment, credit assessment.

(3) Performance assessment. CCB’s fund assessment system can provide clients with analyses on returns, risks and risk-adjusted returns. The data and reports of this kind will be provided in the form of Performance Assessment Basic Data Analysis Report in a timely, accurate and full manner.

(4) Information and consulting in English will be offered to overseas institutional clients, including regular reporting of market information, policy changes and other research findings.


 “A dedication to the work and a commitment to the clients”. CCB’s Fund Custody Department believes integrity and clients are the first things first. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, it will be dedicated to the custody business, working wholeheartedly to honor the obligations of a custodian and protect the legitimate interest of the fund holders in a rigorous, scientific, standardized and highly efficient manner.