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If you need fund custody service for (a) real estate transaction, (b) goods trade, (c) equity transfer and (d) paying for studying abroad and migration intermediaries, come to CCB to apply for the “Safe Deal – Transaction Fund Custody Service”.


“Safe Deal – Transaction Fund Custody Service” is a financial business in which CCB serves as a credit intermediary for both parties of a cargo or service transaction. The purchaser first deposits transaction fund in CCB and the bank temporarily freezes the fund. After the seller, as agreed, delivers the cargo or service and puts related warrant under temporary custody of CCB, the bank, as instructed by both parities of the transaction, will pay the seller the transaction fund and send the warrant to the purchaser. If both parties fail to reach the deal, CCB will, as agreed, return the transaction fund and the warrant. If the transaction parties do not need CCB to transfer the warrant, the bank will only transfer or return the transaction fund as agreed.


CCB takes the custody fund as the benchmark for service charge and adopts the regressive rate. Rate for the amount below RMB500,000 (including RMB500,000) is 0.4% while that for the amount above RMB500,000 is 0.3%.