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CCB provides objective and fair project cost evaluation and consulting services, revealing the true and reliable project cost and protecting the legitimate rights and interest of all parties concerned. Our cost consulting services mainly include construction project estimate, budget, settlement, final account of the completed project, development and approval of project tendering baseline and offer, construction project tendering agency, real-time monitoring of cost, cost appraisal for economic contract disputes and cost information offering services.


Our project appraisal consulting business grows as a result of CCB’s rich experience in fixed asset management and fulfilling the functions of financial department on an agent basis. It is a competitive intermediary consulting service and one of our bank’s brand financial service products. With the biggest number of staff, most sophisticated organizational structure, strongest technological power, richest experience and high professionalism, our cost consulting system is capable of offering customers quality consulting service sand enjoys sound reputation in the industry. CCB’s 36 first-level branches nationwide hold the Grade A certification of cost consulting issued by the Ministry of Construction.


Currency and Term

The settlement of domestic projects is generally made with Renminbi

As required by the entrusting party, the service term shall be defined in the entrustment letter signed by both parties.



Currently there is no unified national price standard. Local regulations shall be referred to.


Service Channel and Network

The appraisal consulting centers and sub-centers of CCB first-level branches


Business process

1. Customers choose CCB as the project appraisal consulting service provider

2. Both parties sign the project appraisal consulting service entrustment letter

3. Customers provide information about the entrusted project.

4. Customers receive the project appraisal consulting report

5. Customers pay the consulting service fee