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CCB offers 24-hour online banking services to meet your diverse needs. You may enjoy CCB’s “E-Route” services at any time and everywhere to build up a convenient and pleasant living. CCB may provide various personal online banking services. It is the good helper for your daily financing. It may help you administer financial transactions. Through the online banking, you can pay various daily bills of water, electricity, gas and telephone. You may also make such transactions as online shopping payment, securities, fund and foreign exchange trading and investment, including “my account”, “account transfer and remittance”, “credit card”, “wealth management”, “customers services”, and “security center”.

I  Account Access

You may access your account information including account balance, account statements, transactions, consumption reward points, calendar and other basic information of your account. You can get the information you need no matter what you hold is bankbook, Long Card, term deposit or demand deposit.

II  Account Transfer and Remittance

CCB online banking provides account transfer and remittance between different accounts. The payee may be other individual customers or corporate clients, or other commercial banks individual customers.

III  Payment and Purchase

You do not need to queue up at CCB’s outlets if you access CCB’s payment and purchase service online.  You may pay various daily bills of your cell phone, telephone, water, electricity, gas, and education fee. And you may receive your transaction results via short message sent by CCB.

IV   Credit Card

You may open your credit card, cancel your card, and access your card account information including balance, consumption reward points, statements and repayment. Wherever you are, you may use the online banking to enjoy your consumption by using your card.

V   Provident Fund

You may access such information of your provident fund account as account balance, statements and withdrawal, to manage your provident fund and protect your legal rights in time.

VI   Online payment

If you hold a Long Card (savings card, quasi-credit card or credit card), you may do shopping or access e-commerce portals.

VII   Check Service

You may access all detailed information about each check in your check account; set the promised payment on the signed checks; access the promised payment information about other persons checks after the verification. You do not need to take lots of cash to make the settlement.

VIII Foreign Exchange Trading

You may place a market or entry order online, or access your transactions. You may know the exchange rate timely through foreign exchange trading service online and conduct your transactions in time. There are various trading methods for you to choose. You may be serviced around the clock and receive more rewards thanks to the access of timely information from the global foreign exchange market . It offers a strong guarantee for you to obtain more returns.

IX  Bank-Securities Services

In the stock market, online banking offers you full-dimensional services whatever you use the transfer between bank and securities accounts or bank-securities service. It helps you win more bonuses in the market.  

X   Securities Services

Securities Services offer you subscription and selling of funds and securities sold by the CCB as the agent bank. Funds sold by CCB as the agent bank cover all key types of funds in China including stock fund, stable growth fund, bond stock, index fund, and etc. The types of fund investment products have amounted to more than 100, which can meet various needs of customers. CCB’s securities service online is the best choice for you to invest in a stable way.      

XI   Account Setting

CCB online banking provides you a tailored service. You may mange your account, add account, cancel your account, report loss of your account, and set up E-Family account at any time and in your own way

XII  Personalized Customers Services

“Customers Services” help you show your personalized features and take it easy to set up an account online with your own characteristics. You may create a nickname for you own account, finish the revision of your own information, select website color, draft the content of the website, send and receive an e-mail, and set up green channels as your wish.

Note: For detailed information about services provided by local CCB outlets, please refer to the local bank’s interpretation at the hotline of 95533.