Insurance Agent
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Product Description
CCB signs an agreement with insurance companies. CCB outlets sells life or property insurance policies on behalf of insurance companies within the limits of the authorization contracts. CCB outlet collects the first installment of the premium and charges later installments of the premium by account transfer.

Product Features

1. Depending upon the extensive sales networks, we may provide you with more convenience. It is safer and faster to transfer premium within our settlement system.

2. The introduction of our staffs and the cross sales of financial products may ensure the maximization of your returns.

3. You may sign an agreement with our bank to automatically transfer your premium to insurance companies. this will save your time.

4. CCB will not charge any fee on individual customers for this service.

5. You may purchase the insurance that you are interested in through our telephone banking and on-line banking systems. It is fast and convenient. You may manage your personal wealth without stepping out of your home.