Certificate Treasury Bond
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Product Description

The certificate treasury bond does not have a physical form. It is a savings bond issued to investors through certain commercial banks or postal savings counters in the form of a “PRC Certificate Treasury Bond Certificate.”


The Ministry of Finance organizes underwriters to issue the certificate treasury bond. Such bond is usually issued from March to November each year. The term is usually 3 years or 5 years. The interest rate is set by the Ministry of Finance, which is usually higher than the after-tax interest rate of the same-term saving deposit. Before the ministry issues such bond, it will issue an announcement to inform the public. CCB will also inform investors through our website or other channels.

This product is risk-free and tax-free, and has stable returns (higher than the after-tax interest rate of the same-term saving deposit). It is easy to purchase and redeem such bond. You can also pledge the bond for loans and CCB can provide statement of deposit for the bond. It is a good choice for you. If you intend to invest in this bond, please pay attention to relevant information so as not to miss the chance.

As one of the four pilot banks, CCB issued electronic certificate treasure bond on behalf of the Ministry of Finance respectively in June and September 2004. The creditors’ rights were recorded in the form of electronic accounting. It is an active attempt for China to issue saving treasure bond.