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CCB Mobile phone banking refers to a brand-new banking service CCB offers in conjunction with mobile operators, based on telecommunication data platform. You just register your cell phone number with your CCB account, and then you can use your cell phone as a tool for your wealth management. If you successfully apply this service, you can enjoy CCB’s quality service at any time and anywhere. At present, CCB provides the following functions: account access, account transfer, remittance, payment, purchase, credit card, provident fund.


l             Account Access: You can access information of your bank book, savings card, balance on the credit card, bank statements and reward points.

l             Account Transfer: You can transfer your fund to your or others account in terms of demand to demand, demand to term, or term to term.

l             Remittance: You may enjoy a discount if you remit fund to different regions via this way.

l             Payment: You may pay your telephone bills, water bills, electricity bills, and etc.

l             Purchase: You may make the online and real-time purchase possible.

l             Credit Card: You can access your Credit Card’s balance, statements, foreign currency transaction, report of loss, etc.

l             Provident Fund: You may access the balance and statements in your provident fund account.

We will launch more new services in recent time. Pleas wait with your patience.