Services for Non-Banking Financial Institutions
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The CCB acts as the agent of trust investment companies to collect and transfer the trust funds in the capital trust scheme and distribute the yields in accordance with the contract on the settlement for capital trust scheme between CCB and trust investment companies.

1. The tier-one branch of CCB signs the contract on the settlement for capital trust scheme with trust investment companies.

2. Trust investment companies open trust funds account with the CCB.

3. When the promotion of trust products starts. The counters in the outlets will act the agents to receive the trust funds of the client and transfer the funds to the trust funds account.

4. The counters transfer the trust funds collected by the bank from the trust funds account to the trust investment companies at the agreed time according to detailed records provided by trust investment companies.

The CCB offers this service on a neutral basis and will not advance any cost of fund into the capital trust scheme. The CCB does not accept the request of trust investment companies or the authorized agent to sign the trust contract with clients on behalf of them.