CCB Investment Fund Custody Services Integrated System
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CCB has developed the Integrated System for Investment Fund Custody Business (now referred to as Custody Business System). So far, the system operates well, providing reliable technical support to custody business. The system, completely independent from CCB’s other systems that are currently in use or under construction, is mainly used in the settlement, accounting, investment monitoring, and performance assessment of the assets under custody including funds, entrusted assets and QFII investment.

----The Custody Business System adopts the network version, and has established a special database to store the backup data. It strictly maintains the independence of all the accounts of the assets under custody, through differentiated account management and access management. The database management system it uses is highly reliable and accessible. It has a good capacity in error tolerance and copying.

The Custody Business System has four sub-systems, namely, settlement, accounting and evaluation, monitoring, and performance assessment.

----Custody Business System’s fund settlement system: Backed by CCB’s fund settlement system, it helps the computer automatically perform operations such as sheet making, checking, transfer, and reconciliation. It guarantees the accuracy of the fund settlement and meets the requirements from various custody businesses on the custodian’s fund settlement. Besides, the system has realized the automatic reconciliation of fund settlement and accounting, ensuring the settlement security and accounting accuracy.

----Custody Business System’s accounting and evaluation system: This system can be used in the accounting of many businesses. It supports the accounting business such as the fund accounting and financial corporate accounting. It automatically conducts the accounting services such as investment, fund transfer, and revenues and charges. At the same time, according to the different requirement from asset custodians or regulatory institutions, the system can adopt various means, such as market price, to evaluate the asset.

----Custody Business System’s monitoring system: the system can automatically collect data, judge the integrity of the data, and check the data contents. Following relevant rules and regulations, it keeps statistics of and conducts analysis on the investment and transactions, and automatically monitors the structure of the investment portfolio. The system may change its parameters according to law.

In its operation, Custody Business System has security control and an integrated management of the start and stop of the daily operations, so as to better protect the data security. The system also has the authorized control by the senior management. The staffs receive authorization from the senior management, and do business within the authorized scope. This has further boosted the internal control and security of the fund settlement, accounting, and monitoring.