Securities Services System
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The Securities Services System is built in the principle of “focusing on customer service,” and draws upon CCB’s existing electronic financial networks and outlets. It is an integrated platform that offers wide-ranging features, draws upon advanced technology, and ensures efficiency and security. It is a sales and registration system for open-ended funds, bonds and other securities. Its full name is “China Construction Bank Securities Services” (CCBSS)


CCBSS is a comprehensive and integrated service aiming at providing quality services for investors. In compliance with applicable laws and regulations, it seeks to provide comprehensive, diversified and customized services covering sales, registration, depositing and various other services for issuers of funds, bonds and other securities; CCBSS provides services in account opening, trading, registration, depositing, fund management for investors.

CCBSS currently offers services in open-ended funds, book-entry treasury bonds, and paper gold trading. CCB plans to offer other financial products according to market demands.