Foreign Currencies Traveller's Cheque
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Product description

Foreign currencies traveler’s cheques are printed by overseas banks or designated financial institutions, with the issuing institution as the final payer and with the freely convertible currency as the price calculation and settlement currency, as well as with fixed denomination and unlimited period of usage. CCB handles sales of American Express traveler’s cheques. Customers can buy and cash AE traveler’s cheque and perform consignment collection of other traveler’s cheque (the back collects on behalf of the customer, with duration of around 60 days).


Target customers

Overseas and domestic customers in need of overseas payment, and need of a portable, safer and more convenient product for obtaining foreign currencies (e.g. travelers, students).


Service channel

CCB operates a foreign currencies traveller’s cheque sales and cash services processing network.


Currency types

Currently CCB handles traveller’s cheque sales and cash services mainly in freely convertible currencies including USD, BRP, EUR, AUD and JPY. Please consult the processing network for details.